Cosplay Friday #55

By Matt Cohen


I’ve been making a list and re-checking it (because I have OCD), and am happy to report that all readers have made the “Nice” list this year! Good for you, gang. To reward your diligence and general awesomeness, I thought I’d get you an early holiday gift- this week’s coolest, craziest and creepiest cosplays from around the web, in a column lovingly titled Cosplay Friday.

Korra bends it like Beckham (if Beckham was a magic water wizard ninja)

happy_moments___snk_cosplay_by_dakun93-d6xrvge(Self) Obligatory Attack on Titan cosplay of the week

dc__rendezvous_point_by_mangosirene-d6y7856I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again: Robin is a creeper.

simple_simon_by_xhee_heex-d6yc35tSad Ice King or your college history professor? The world may never know.

img_3225__by_miyoaldy-d6y16z0“Be quiet! We’re taking the weirdest nap ever!” (Awesome Adekan cosplay)

data_is_all_i_care_for_by_lennethxvii-d6y6vvaNot only is Kill La Kill one of my favorite new animes, the cosplay ain’t too shabby either.

rainbow___cardverse_hetalia_by_jime_sama-d6y6rc6Crayola’s newest offering is aimed at the Otaku set. (Sweet Hetalia group shot)

claymore_by_daisukedano-d6y0td4“And …read more

Source: Nerdist


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