By Amy Ratcliffe

winter soldier concept art 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is almost in theaters; We only have to wait just a touch over two weeks. We’re so close! Looking at sublime concept art makes waiting easier, and Stitch Kingdom recently shared several images that give us glimpses into the film. The scenes depicted may not make it to the final cut, but they do give us an idea of the overall setting and tone.

We know the world is different after the battle of New York. Events like alien invasion change the big picture but also trickle down to affect individuals – even superheroes. We saw Tony Stark wrestle with the aftermath in Iron Man 3, and I can’t help but wonder how Steve Rogers is doing. The concept art doesn’t reveal anything on that particular note, but look at the colors. The palette seems darker than what we saw in The First Avenger.

See for yourself (flailing over the Winter Soldier and Falcon is permitted and encouraged):

winter soldier concept art 4
winter soldier concept art 5
winter soldier concept art 6
winter soldier concept art 7
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Source: Nerdist


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