Comic Creator Mark Wheatley Brings His Art to TV’s THE MILLERS This Thursday

By Joseph McCabe

The Millers

Mark Wheatley has received acclaim for writing and illustrating comic book titles as diverse as Breathtaker, Johnny Quest, Hammer of the Gods, and Blood of the Innocent (long in development as a feature film from Crazies director Breck Eisner). Given the breadth of his work, Wheatley’s become known as an artist capable of altering his style to suit any project. So it’s no surprise his skills have been called on by Hollywood several times throughout his career. This Thursday night will find Wheatley reaching perhaps his biggest audience ever, when his work will be featured in a special fantasy sequence on CBS TV’s The Millers. Starring Will Arnett as a reporter who moves in with his parents (played by Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale) when his marriage ends in divorce, The Millers is the network’s highest rated new sitcom this season.

We sat down to chat with the amiable artist about the episode, and the joys of bringing comic art to the masses.

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