Comic Book Day: Pull List for March 12, 2014

By Dan Casey


Were you thinking to yourself, “Man alive! I have so much expendable income, but nowhere to spend it. Whatever will I do?” Well, even if you weren’t, you’re in the right place, because we’ve got a heaping helping of brand new comic books on this week’s pull list, including an outsized Bat-stravaganza, a super-powered WWII mini-series, and the return of the baddest mama in the Marvel Universe. It’s not Christmas in March; it’s Comic Book Day, and this is the Pull List.

Top Picks

Batman #29 | DC Comics | Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Since Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo burst on to the scene with their now seminal “Court of Owls” arc, their run on Batman has been nigh unassailable, and their work on “Zero Year” is no exception. We’ve seen young, untested Batman before, but there’s a strangely compelling quality to Snyder’s portrayal of the Dark Knight during his formative years. The “Dark City” chapter of Batman’s past places him in a rare position indeed, one in which he’s been outsmarted by Edward Nygma. Expertly capturing the frenetic chaos and elemental madness of an incoming superstorm, Capullo’s artwork lends a foreboding quality to the whole outsized issue, which gives every …read more

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