Comic Book Day: Pull List for January 29, 2014

By Dan Casey


In case those X-Men: Days of Future Past Empire covers didn’t get you excited for the veritable bounty of this week’s Comic Book Day, allow me to assuage your fears by telling you that there’s so much great stuff dropping this week. From a brilliant (and long overdue) collection of war comics curated by Garth Ennis to the long-awaited debut of Zack Whedon’s new Serenity comic to the latest from indie darling Michael DeForge, there’s a metric ton of awesome titles at your local comic book shop this week. So, read on, and say goodbye to your hard-earned cash, which will soon be lost like tears in the rain.

Top Picks

Ant Colony | Drawn & Quarterly | Michael DeForge

Every so often a book comes along that knocks you flat on your ass and makes you wonder where the hell you’ve been and why you haven’t seen anything like it sooner. Ant Colony is exactly that kind of book. The new hardcover tome from Drawn & Quarterly by celebrated cartoonist Michael DeForge began as a one-page color strip in quarterly comics anthology Smoke Signal. DeForge quickly fell in love with the weird, wacky world he’d …read more

Source: Nerdist


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