Check Out This Stellar New International Trailer For Gareth Edwards’ GODZILLA

By Merrill Barr

When last we heard from the reboot of everyone’s favorite monster, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla had screened some brand-new footage at SXSW that left Nerdist Editor-In-Chief Brian Walton floored. Unfortunately for the rest of us, none of that new footage has been released outside of the festival, but that’s okay, because this morning Warner Brothers released an all-new international trailer for the film which includes some never-before-seen footage:

Now, that is how you tease a major summer blockbuster. While it’s nice to finally see some of the dialogue scenes play out as they were shot and not just in voiceover, we need to talk about the epic scale on display. Did anyone else catch that flying creature around the 1:19 mark? This movie is going all out while still maintain a level of artistic craftsmanship. How Edwards was able to pull that off is anyone’s guess, but thank god he did.

Godzilla hits theaters May 16th.

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Source: Nerdist



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