Check Out This Awesome Superman-Inspired Video From Corridor Digital

By Merrill Barr

The Man of Steel sequel may have been delayed until 2016, but that isn’t going to stop the internet from getting its Superman fix, and today’s dose comes from the fine folks over at Corridor Digital:

Ignoring the whole thing about Superman living in Los Angeles for a moment, this is a sweet video, a beautiful blend of the awesome camera work we’ve come to expect from Sam and Niko and the familiarity of everyone’s favorite Kryptonian. Also, that bit at the end with Sam’s yard is a truly nice touch.

Interested in knowing how the gang pulled it off? Check out the behind the scenes video they posted:

Sometimes, internet, you know just the right chords to hit. Well done, Corridor. Now, for the next one, let’s see some Wonder Woman love.

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Source: Nerdist


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