Check Out The LEGO Versions of Posters for the 2014 Oscars Best Picture Nominees

By Amy Ratcliffe

lego best pictures 1

LEGO has so many uses. The bricks are ideal for building miniature cities, making awesome films, and creating movie posters. Artist Old Red Jalopy applied his skills to interpreting the posters for the nine nominees in the 2014 Oscars Best Picture category with LEGO minifigs. Anyone else think LEGO should create a limited edition series of minifigs from award-nominated films each year?

The posters capture the main characters from American Hustle all the way to The Wolf of Wall Street with block-shaped flair. The images were mostly striking to begin with, but these alternative versions would definitely make passersby look twice. It confirms my belief that everything is a little better with LEGO. Yes, even Jennifer Lawrence.

lego best pictures 3
lego best pictures 4
lego best pictures 5
lego best pictures 6
lego best pictures 7
lego best pictures 8
lego best pictures 9

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