CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER Is Exactly the Movie Marvel Needed to Make

By Kyle Anderson

Captain America 5

I’d been really looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier since they announced it, and doubly so since an early press day last July in which the creators spoke about how they intended a darker, more realistic approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and wanted to deal with threats to national security, and referenced Cold War spy and conspiracy films like Three Days of the Condor and The Parallax View. This all sounded wonderful, but I’ve learned never to get hopes up too high. This was silly, of course, because Captain America: The Winter Soldier delivered exactly what was promised and more; it’s the kind of movie Marvel should have always been and always henceforth should make.

The main issue with the post-Avengers movies that people have is that, surely, any threat in Iron Man 3 or Thor: The Dark World should have warranted a call to at least one of the other Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, if not all of them. One could easily say “Sure, Thor could handle this, and Iron Man has enough suits to handle that, but it probably would have been a lot easier if they didn’t have to.” With The Winter Soldier, we …read more

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