C2E2: Marvel Teases THREE MONTHS TO DIE For Wolverine, STORM Solo Book

By Charles Webb


It’s easy to roll your eyes when a publisher talks about killing off a major character. When it’s Wolverine, you might actually strain your eye nerves, given how his healing factor is a built-in get-out-of-being-dead-free card.

But Marvel and writer Charles Soule are promising that the upcoming “Three Months to Die” arc isn’t just serving as the kind of story that will shake up the comic universe, but be the kind of story that the character could look back on after his (wholly inevitable) return to life and say, “Yeah, that was a good way to go,” according to Soule.

Comic Book Resources provided an excellent roundup of the “Three Months to Die” panel, which teased out details from the summer event as well as its ramifications for the other books in the X-line, particularly a solo Storm book by Greg Pak with art by Victor Ináñez, as well as the “World Without Wolverine” event, which will look at a Marvel U minus the one-time berserker Canadian.

The beginning of Wolverine’s end kicks off with Wolverine #8 in June, running through issue #12, following the loss of the character’s healing factor. When his many enemies get wind of …read more

Source: Nerdist


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