Better Late Than Never: ALIEN

By Amy Ratcliffe

Ellen Ripley

The Film: Alien (dir. Ridley Scott, 1979)

Age at Which Author Finally Saw It: 33

How Could You Have Missed It?: Even though I live for great science fiction, horror films don’t appeal to me. I am easily spooked and incapable of shaking off fear before I go to bed and dream. I was worried Alien would be too scary for me to handle and have been putting off watching it for years.

Impressions: I was correct to be nervous about the horror factor, but it was daylight and I put a light on for good measure. With those comforts (and a blanket to hide behind when necessary), I was able to appreciate what a fine film Alien is. The suspense was layered and leveraged just right, and I was surprised to see how well the sets and effects hold up, given that the film is over thirty years old.

Along that line, I was especially blown away by Ellen Ripley. Sigourney Weaver hit a wonderful note as a fresh-faced, stubborn officer. When you consider the year this movie was released, it’s remarkable to have a woman portray such an important protagonist in a genre film. Actually, it’s not even that common in the …read more

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