Best Picture: CAVALCADE (1932/1933)

By Witney Seibold

Cavalcade splash

Witney Seibold has been watching every Best Picture winner in chronological order, and commenting on each of them in a series of brief essays on Nerdist. In week six, he watches Cavalcade, one of the forgotten ones.

I know a lot of film buffs, and have talked to many, many film critics in my day, and I have heard exactly zero references to Frank Lloyd’s 1933 Noël Coward adaptation Cavalcade, the sixth film to have won the Academy Award for Best Picture. I have to be honest: I was eager to start the Best Picture project partly to discover some of the more obscure films in the Academy’s canon, hoping to reveal and enjoy some great films that you and I may not be familiar with. Cavalcade, sadly, is not one of the greats. Indeed, with its broadly melodramatic characterization, emotional cheap shots, and mismatched tonal tilt-a-whirl, I’m tempted to call this one the worst yet (although it does face competition from the static and unengaging Cimarron). I can only glean that Cavalcade‘s obscurity is owed largely to the fact that it’s just not that great a movie.

Cavalcade is another inter-generational epic (the second to have won …read more

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