Ben Wheatley Takes Us to A FIELD IN ENGLAND

By Kyle Anderson

Field 5

One of the main recurring themes of horror films is people being messed up in the head and capable of doing twisted things to each other. For British filmmaker Ben Wheatley, this theme cannot be made strong enough. In only four features, he’s shown us the very depths of human depravity, and even made us side and laugh with some pretty reprehensible folks. His most recent film is A Field in England, which premiered in the U.S. at Fantastic Fest last year and is out today in select cinemas. (See my review here.) It’s a bit of a departure for Wheatley, being black-and-white and set in the 17th Century, and employing far more psychedelia than he had before, but still with the same edge toward people being terrible to each other. In a fun way, though. We caught up with Wheatley after the film screened at Fantastic Fest and talked to him about history, alchemy, imagery, and hats.

NERDIST: This film is set well in the past and discusses things like alchemy and black magic, both of which are somewhat new for you. What was your goal when setting out to make this film, along with your writing …read more

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