BATMAN: Reanimated – The Cat and the Claw

By Kyle Anderson

Cat Claw 2

While most people think that “On Leather Wings” was the first episode of Batman: The Animated Series to be shown on television, this is not actually the case. It was the first episode produced and the first episode a lot of people saw when it was aired in primetime on Sunday, September 6th, 1992, but the actual first broadcast episode was aired the day before, on Saturday morning. Why didn’t I talk about it in the first article? Because they didn’t air part two for a whole week, and that’s just kind of confusing to an 8-year-old kid such as me at the time. The two-parter I’m talking about is “The Cat and the Claw,” the episodes which introduced Batman’s love interest/sparring partner Catwoman, a/k/a Selina Kyle. The reason for this being shown first is simple: Batman Returns, yo! That movie was everywhere in ’92, and surely Fox, if not WB Animation, wanted to tie as much in with that success as possible. But, the episodes are so much more than simply a tag-on.

What the Animated Series got that Returns and most other adaptations of the characters didn’t is that Catwoman isn’t a villain; she’s a criminal, yes, and an …read more

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