BATMAN: Reanimated – Pretty Poison

By Kyle Anderson

Poison 2

Batman: The Animated Series wrote strong women characters better than the majority of animated programs at the time, especially for what is usually considered a “boy” show. As we explored last week, the writers were able to allow real human relationships and damsel-free storytelling with the introduction of Catwoman and the villainous Red Claw. This week, it’s another female villain who has perhaps more confidence than any baddie in the whole of the Rogues Gallery, the fauna-obsessed eco-terrorist Poison Ivy, in her debut episode, “Pretty Poison.”

From a story by Paul Dini and Michael Reaves, the teleplay was written by Tom Ruegger and the episode was directed by Boyd Kirkland, all of whom are among The Animated Series‘ A-Team, and it pays off. A lot of the earliest episodes (“Pretty Poison” was the fifth episode produced and the ninth aired) feel a bit different from the bulk of the series because they hadn’t quite decided on a specific look, tone, or feel. This episode is a little more cartoony and the action is a little bit more exaggerated than usual, which doesn’t detract from the proceedings but does make it standout a bit. Also a factor in this is the program …read more

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