BATMAN Reanimated – Nothing to Fear

By Kyle Anderson

Fear 3

So far, we’ve looked at episodes of Batman: The Animated Series that have showcased Batman’s rogues gallery more than the Dark Knight himself, be they origin stories or particularly nasty plots or what-have-you. And, while they’ve all been really intriguing, tragic, or disturbing tales, we’ve yet to really have an episode about Batman. That changed with the tenth episode to air and the third produced, “Nothing to Fear,” an episode that introduces the Scarecrow, but more importantly, gives viewers their first true glimpse of how broken this animated version of Bruce Wayne is.

Each of Batman’s villains highlights a different opposing flaw or problem deep inside of the character, whether it be Joker’s chaos, Two-Face’s inability to keep his identities in check, or Clayface’s refusal to not be a giant goop monster. Scarecrow (aka Jonathan Crane) is in many ways a slightly warped mirror image of Batman himself. They both use fear to achieve their goals, and they both do so because they don’t want to deal with their own fears. Not being afraid is not nearly as brave as being able to overcome fear. Batman can do this, while Scarecrow largely cannot. Whenever Scarecrow shows up on the …read more

Source: Nerdist


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