BARBARELLA To Be a Series on Amazon

By Kyle Anderson

This is a weird one, but weird is kind of awesome. It appears that French graphic novel Barbarella, which was turned into a 1968 film by Roger Vadim starring Jane Fonda (I wrote about it last year; give that a read for all the sex-infused zaniness) is being turned into a television series from Gaumont International Television and will see the light of day on Amazon, this according to Deadline. For those who don’t know, Barbarella was a swinging space chick who had a lot of sex and met different alien creatures and the like.

It’s got a pretty decent pedigree involved thus far, with a pilot script written by former 007 scribes Neal Purves and Robert Wade, and Nicolas Winding Refn and Martha De Laurentiis, wife of the feature film’s late producer Dino, will serve as executive producers. Nobody’s set to show-run yet, but Gaumont has a good track record at the moment, having developed NBC’s Hannibal and Netflix’s Hemlock Grove.

What do you all think of this? Would you watch a Barbarella television program? What other obscure European comics from the ’60s do you think would make a good television series? Talk about it down yonder, …read more

Source: Nerdist



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