ARCHER Reminisces About His Most Formidable Foes

By Malik Forté

As we get closer to the January 13 return of the world’s most debonair secret agent, we’ve received yet another special transmission from the folks over at the ISIS. In this clip, Archer and Lana reminisce about the plethora of foes that have suffered defeat by their hands.

As Archer proudly boasts as he usually does about the terrorists, assassins, hostile foreign spies, and cyborgs he’s triumphed against, he almost leaves out the most validating and credible victory to date on his superspy resume… that is, until Lana reminds him, inadvertently feeding his already gigantic ego (I think she does this on purpose sometimes). Find out who Archer’s most formidable opponents have been thus far in this brand new bit.

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Source: Nerdist


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