10 Movies That Take Place at Christmas For No Reason

By Kyle Anderson

For as many movies as are clearly “Christmas Movies,” there are quite a few others that take place during the holiday season and yet are not dubbed with the colorful moniker. Do they need to be set at Christmas? In a lot of cases, no; they really are just using the holiday as a setting or are adhering to the release date. For some reason, movies released at Christmastime are often set then as well, as though people who go to the movies in December can’t fathom a story taking place in May. At any rate, here are ten movies that take place at Christmas that maybe don’t need to. Here, they’re in chronological order.

The Thin Man (1934)

If you want snappy dialogue, this is the movie for you. William Powell and Myrna Loy play perpetually-sloshed socialites Nick and Nora Charles, who solve a murder case for seemingly no other reason than they can and are pretty good at it. Christmas is in the background through the whole thing, and Nora gets increasingly upset when people wish her a merry one. This culminates in a line in which she threatens to kill the next person to …read more

Source: Nerdist


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